Manilkara huberi


BOTANICAL NAMES Manilkara huberi.
ORIGINS FAMILY It belongs to the family of Sapotaceae (angiosperm).
GROWTH AREA This wood grows mainly in South America (Brazil, Venezuela).
SPECIFIC WEIGHT Green 1200 kg/m³ – Dried 900 kg/m³.
TECHNOLOGICAL FEATURES The wood is reddish brown, rarely tending to purple.
The sapwood is well defined and it has a color ranging from whitish to light brown.
The grain is straight, sometimes slightly curved while the texture is fine.
It has a good resistance to fungi and termites attacks.
DRYING METHOD The artificial drying must be processed very slowly and carefully to avoid splitting and warping.
MAIN USES AND WORKING Massaranduba is a wood easy to work.
The gluing and finishing properties are quite good, but it is advised to fill the pores before finishing.
Thanks to its favourable properties, this wood can be used for both interior and exterior use such as heavy carpentry, sleepers, bridges, shipbuilding, stairs furniture, industrial or heavy flooring, floorboards and decking for external use.


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