Sangiorgi Legnami, 70 years of experience

Our history

The very first story of Sangiorgi Legnami began in 1947 in a small carpenter’s shop in Imola. Sergio Sangiorgi started in those years, formalizing it in 1949 together with his partner Valerio Vespignani, an individual company of wood trade following the footsteps of his predecessors, already carpenters from some generation, building near the railway station of Imola, a first deposit with a saw for small diameter logs, and an office. At the time the timber was purchased only in Northern Italy and marketed in the most influenced areas of Imola.

In 1951, land was purchased adjacent to the existing warehouse where the first piles of timber were set up, and in the following years the company increased its purchases also in Austria, and looks for more people to add to its staff. In 1956 the company has two employees and six workers.

In 1960 the company is in full growth and the space is no longer sufficient, for this reason the business moves on a wider territory, located in Via Selice 100. The first two artificial drying systems date back to this period, a technological innovation just introduced. In addition to the timber of our continent, the importation of exotic and North American timbers is becoming increasingly important to meet the demands of a market that is recovering after the discomforts of the post-World War II era.

The year of the turnaround, however, was 1972, with the development of an area of ​​over 50,000 square meters in Via Selice 54 at the toll booth of the A14 di Imola. This land, already purchased a few years before, is built with warehouses, two sawing plants and other wood processing machines, dryers and offices. The company is currently based in Via Selice 54, and it has meanwhile has been transformed into S.p.A.

In the same year Sergio Sangiorgi lost his life following an accident and the company remains in the hands of Valerio Vespignani who until then had followed above all the administrative part, which takes the reins of the company by himself until Sergio’s sons, Giuseppe and Paolo are not able to support him in the management.

In 1990 Valerio Vespignani, after more than 40 years of activity, withdrew from the company giving up its shares. There followed a period of big changes within the company, and it follows the rotation to the leadership of Paolo Sangiorgi. Paolo is the current sole administrator, who remains the only member of the family to manage a company that was born almost muted and progressed slowly but steadily, that, in 1999 began to celebrate the first fiftieth anniversary of the foundation, always conquering new market shares.

With the experience accumulated over time, the attention in the choice of raw materials, the commitment in every phase of processing, a capillary distribution network, the professionalism of its specialized staff and the dedication of all the staff, in these years, Sangiorgi Legnami has been able to build a close-knit and winning team. All this has allowed to the company to increase its successes by making it a leading company for the sector in the national and foreign sector able to promptly meet the requests and find the best solutions to meet a increasingly extended and demanding customers. These qualities, rare and precious today more than ever, guarantee the correctness and commitment in the work, the knowledge and competence necessary to practice this profession and also the enthusiasm and optimism that make the team close-knit and enterprising.

Sangiorgi Legnami is a dynamic company that constantly sets new goals and objectives, investing regularly in new products and new structures.

In 2001 and again in 2007, significant investments were made by enlarging and renovating the offices of the headquarters and adding nearby 2 new real estate properties previously used as warehouses, and now leased to commercial partners.

In the same years investments and collaborations have been made for offices located in the ports of Livorno, Naples and Catania, to make a service even more precise and fast, with the interest to reduce transport costs and always meet the requests in real time of our customers.

The following years saw great difficulties and upheavals within the company dynamics, the company had to adapt to the new market and the particularly negative economic conditions during the first years of crisis and revolutionize its standards to meet the new needs of a scenario totally modified.

The actions undertaken, gave, in a few years, the expected results, the years 2015 and 2016 have led to a renewal of the structure, better punctuality and precision in all stages of purchases and sales and greater attention to all the business processes, starting from the administrative ones, up to those concerning the production, drying and handling of goods.

We have also had the opportunity to invest in important environmental aspects. The energy generated by the installation of latest generation photovoltaic systems, the elimination of obsolete oil fired boilers in favor of new heating / cooling systems in the offices through heat pumps and external a boiler that is supplied with the processing waste produced by our sawmills and which allows to feed the dryers, constantly in operation. All these are just one example of the environmental investments we have dealt with.

Recent history

The very recent history leads us to an important technological innovation of sawmill plants, which began operationally in 2017 but designed for a long time. The new machinery installed led to a noticeable improvement in the quality of the “Sawn Italy” product, with the possibility to produce sawn timber parallel, well-headed and with single-length packages. This allows us to further facilitate our customers and comply with the increasingly specific requests based on their particular needs.

Sangiorgi Legnami, headed by the sole director Sangiorgi Paolo, who has been joined in the last few years by the two daughters, today has about 30 employees and he closed 2017 with a turnover of 32 million euros. It is a dynamic company that, while remaining anchored to the values ​​of the past, follows the trends of a constantly evolving market towards a future that is always on the move.

The certainty of solid roots!


Registered office in BOLOGNA – Via Guido Reni, 2/2
Administrative and operative Headquarters in IMOLA - via Provinciale Selice, 54/A IMOLA – via Provinciale Selice, 54/A
Share Capital € 7.764.800,00.
R.E.A.Registration n n. 347792
Business Register BO n. 61694
Fiscal code and VAT registration n. 04163110374
Mechanised processing code 029562.

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