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The responsibility towards the environment, the absolute patrimony of the human race, extends not only to present but also to future generations; this is why we have the responsibility of safeguarding all natural resources, so that other people can benefit from it. We firmly believe that “man” and “environment” can coexist in perfect harmony by applying ecologically correct decisions.

For this reason Sangiorgi Legnami chooses its suppliers always taking into consideration the environmental resources and the continuity of the forests, making sure that the cuts are carried out in the most rigorous respect of the laws and the environment. The Sangiorgi Legnami is also FSC, PEFC and OLB certified, chosen to strengthen precisely the concept according to which the world heritage of natural resources, is a treasure to be preserved and handed down to our future generations.

Proper forest management is in fact essential for the balance of our planet, because it allows us to take advantage of the virtues of wood (renewable resource, which can be grown, recycled and cultivated again, cyclically) but always protecting productivity, vitality, renewal and potential of the environment.

These are not just words but real facts and the proof are the certifications we have obtained and the procedures we put into practice for the wood we import:

(FSC® Certificate, ISO 9001 Certificate, PEFC Certificate, OLB Certificate and Due Diligence).

At Sangiorgi Legnami, we are always careful to environmental and energy issues. At our factory a modern photovoltaic system was set up, for the production of electricity, able to meet the needs of the production plants currently in operation.

Moreover, in order to minimize our environmental impact, we made sure that our drying cells work by burning, in a totally clean way, wood residues of our processes. Finally we also did something for our offices, which are heated and cooled with a modern heat pump boiler and without using any gas.

Why are we so firmly convinced of the binding work / environment?

Because we believe that it is really important to protect our natural resources, try to dwell for a moment on the connection between man and natural materials such as wood that contribute significantly to individual welfare and to man / environment harmony. You will immediately realize how essential it is to preserve them and take care of what we have next to us.


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