Sangiorgi Legnami SpA: 70 years of professionalism

and dedication to support our customers

Our vision

Passion, experience, professionalism, dedication; these are the key words of the “Sangiorgi Legnami S.p.A.”, founded in 1949 a company that in seventy years of activity has been able to combine the heritage of the past with the intuition and the momentum of renewal towards the future.

In the spotlight

Sangiorgi Legnami sells fine wood from all over the world in Italy and abroad.

The company since 1949 stands out for its reliability and quality, sinking its roots in the past looks to the future in a process of continuous expansion and renewal, increasing the range of products marketed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.
Legno Teak


Teak is mainly used for many kind of shipbuilding: from boats to the above deck structures, deck cabins, etc.
This wood is required for the production of valuable and fine furniture, decking for external use, parquet, plywood and decorative sliced veneers.

legno ipè


The manufacture of the Ipè is not always easy and can require the use of special tools. It can be used for the realisation of shipbuilding, general furniture, doors, stairs, baseboards and decking for external use.

legno frakè


The wood is not resistant to atmospheric agents and therefore is mainly used for internal carpentry, furniture, desks and light constructions;
It can also be peeled and turned.
Depending on the color of the heartwood it can be used for decorative veneers and inlays.

legno frakè


Generally, this wood is used for interior joinery, plywood, and sauna slats, fixtures and frames.

legno ipè


The Iroko, thanks to its resistance to pests and atmospheric agents, is used for shipbuilding, parquet and even outdoor floors.
It is also used for window frames, valuable furniture, light and heavy carpentry, veneer and lamellar.

legno frakè


Sapele is a very required in the furniture industry for fine and everyday items, as well as in the plywood and veneer branches.
It is widely used for frames and profiles, stairs, parquet, musical instruments, boats and finally light carpentry.


Registered office in BOLOGNA – Via Guido Reni, 2/2
Administrative and operative Headquarters in IMOLA - via Provinciale Selice, 54/A IMOLA – via Provinciale Selice, 54/A
Share Capital € 7.764.800,00.
R.E.A.Registration n n. 347792
Business Register BO n. 61694
Fiscal code and VAT registration n. 04163110374
Mechanised processing code 029562.

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