Entandrophragma angolense


BOTANICAL NAMES Entandrophragma angolense.
ORIGINS FAMILY It belongs to the family of Meliaceae (angiosperm).
GROWTH AREA This tree is found naturally in rain and deciduous forests, throughout West, Central and East Africa.
SPECIFIC WEIGHT Green 700 kg/m³ – Dried 550 kg/m³ at 12% C.U.
TECHNOLOGICAL FEATURES The sapwood and heartwood are not clearly distinguished;
The sapwood is usually creamy white or pale pink.
The heartwood is a pinkish-brown or a dull, uniform red.
When exposed to air and sunlight, the heartwood turns a deep red-brown.
The grain is tight and often interlocked while the texture, although fairly uniform, can range from medium to rather coarse.
DRYING METHOD The artificial drying doesn’t present difficulties but it must be done very slowly.
MAIN USES AND WORKING Easy to work with both hand and machine tools.
It also has good gluing and finishing properties.
Tiama is widely used in joinery, floors, stairs, furniture, cabinetmaking, boat construction, plywood and for decorative veneers.


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