Cylicodiscus gabunensis Harms


BOTANICAL NAMES Cylicodiscus gabunensis Harms.
ORIGINS FAMILY It belongs to the family of Fabaceae-Mimosoideae (angiosperm).
GROWTH AREA This tree grows below the ground of tropical area of the West Africa.
SPECIFIC WEIGHT Green 1100 kg/m³ – Dried 770 kg/m³ at 12% C.U.
TECHNOLOGICAL FEATURES Sapwood and heartwood are clearly distinguished;
The sapwood is light pink while the heartwood as a yellow to golden yellow colour, with dark green shade and is going to darken over time.
It has a medium texture and an interlocked grain.
DRYING METHOD The artificial drying must be processed very slowly and carefully to avoid cracking.
The unpleasant smell of Okan disappears after drying.
MAIN USES AND WORKING As a result of the high density, Okan hardwood is not easy to machine. Furthermore, the wood causes a blunting effect of the tools.
Concerning screwing and nailing, pre-drilling is necessary.
The gluing is difficult, and finishing is possible.
Thanks to its durability, it is used in all types of hydraulic constructions, heavy carpentry, parquet, sculptures, bridges, sound barriers and stables.


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