Aningeria robusta


BOTANICAL NAMES Aningeria robusta.
ORIGINS FAMILY It belongs to the family of Sapotaceae.
GROWTH AREA This tree grows below the ground of equatorial area of the West Africa.
SPECIFIC WEIGHT Green 800 kg/m³ – Dried from 600 kg/m³ at 12% C.U.
TECHNOLOGICAL FEATURES The sapwood is whitish or yellow-whitish and is not very distinguished from the heartwood, which is pink or brown.
It has a medium and fine texture, mostly straight, and it is medium durable.
If it must be used for external structures, it is recommended to treat the wood in order to preserve it from fungi attacks.
DRYING METHOD Drying process must be carried out very slowly but without any particular problem.
MAIN USES AND WORKING Akatio can be easily sawn and cut.
Joints with glue hold firmly, nails and screws penetrate with difficulties, but hold well.
It is usually used for parquet floors, fixtures, floors, turnery frames and furniture.


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