At the customer’s request it is possible to carry out additional work to obtain a customized product, these processes can be multi-layer, re-lamination, re-drying, in addition to sawing prismatic packs to size, starting from the trunk or the table according to the needs.
The latest innovation is the installation of a triple blade (disk) trimming machine, one of which is fixed and two mobile, designed to increase the productivity of the log saw. With this new machine it is possible to obtain parallel trimmed boards up to 65 cm in width starting from the trunk or the board and obtaining single-length bundles and, on request, also prismatic merchandise.

The operator manages all the functions directly from the console, the tables, divided up to a maximum of 24 packages at the same time, are measured and simultaneously entered in the management so that they are visible in real time to the operators of the commercial and logistics office. As soon as a package is finished it is promptly tied and brought to painting, and is immediately ready for delivery or any subsequent processing. This innovation has led to a noticeable improvement in the quality of the “sawn Italy” product, and an increase in productivity. Our clientele immediately proved to be very interested and subsequently satisfied with the investment made.


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